Week 8 – Random Career Advice I have Received so far #4

During this internship, I tried for the first time to proactively set up coffee chats with senior leaders or full time employees working on areas that I would like to learn more of. Although compared to others, the number of times I reached out may be significantly fewer, I still benefited a lot from those coffee chats. Throughout the internship program the interns are also provided with the opportunity to listen to words of wisdom from various senior managers; these leaders offered plenty of career advice during their talks. This post is more for the sake of compiling these career advice for future references.

  • Be a sponge and learn above your role
  • Reach out to people and tell people your career aspirations. People can’t help you to where you want to go if they don’t know in the first place.
  • Build and master your craft. Really understand what the technologies you are working with.
  • Network! Network! Network! Establish relationships with people who you can count on.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit to things you don’t know or things you’ve done wrong –> Honesty
  • Relationships first, agenda second
  • Ask a lot of questions, but also do your research first.
  • Take on small projects and be a volunteer. Small projects give you opportunity to learning and people, which insulates you from big mistakes
  • Always be over-prepared. 
  • Learn management and be a people engaged. Responsibility always > authority
  • Mentors are very important. They come from what you bring to the table. Tell your mentors your capabilities and your value.
  • Leadership = having an early sense of indicator. Your experience authenticates the indicator, and your network lets you solve it.
  • People need to see you are tenacious enough to deliver something. Resources always go to people who can get things done (without reminders).
  • Correct strategy: deliver right at you promised. Don’t over-promise nor should you under-promise.  This builds your credibility.
  • Check your work life balance from time to time
  • Think of failures as trials; Have short memories on those
  • Be ready to take things on that you are not ready for

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