Wherever you go, Go Blue – My Favorite Experience this Summer

This summer was full of completely new experiences with everything including food, culture, traveling, and laboratory tasks. I enjoyed my entire time in India much more than I could have ever anticipated, however, one experience stands out to me as my favorite. Over the past week, Erin – the other Michigan girl I met here – and I traveled to Jaipur, Delhi, and Agra where we were able to see historical places/monuments, shop at large bazaars, go on tours, spend the day with elephants, and eat a ton of great Indian food. My research was already coming to a close and all I had left to do was finish my report before I left so I was getting pretty bored and lonely since all of my friends had gone home for the final time before the semester started; after going on the short vacation I feel so refreshed and I have a greater appreciation for India as a whole. Everything was incredibly beautiful and had so much history. I loved having a tour guide when we visited the Taj Mahal, Amer Fort, Agra Fort, etc. because we were able to see the beautiful monuments and capture pictures of/with them, but we were also able to learn about why it was constructed, who lived there, what happened there and more. In addition to all of that, we went to Elefantastic in Jaipur where we were able to pet, feed, paint, wash, and walk an elephant. In true Michigan fashion, we painted our elephant with an appropriate Michigan design because wherever you go – especially in Jaipur, India – you have to go blue.


Erin and I, living the dream visiting the Taj Mahal
Showcasing our beautiful artwork done on our elephant, Tamanna, which translates to ‘wish’ in Hindi.
Akbar’s tomb in Delhi – one of the many places we visited


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