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My summer internship at Cummins met and exceeded my expectations for how this summer was going to go. As a rising senior, I wanted this summer to give me more direction in terms of what I want in a career (also what field to go into) so that I know what I want to achieve this next semester back at U of M. I’m hopeful that I will receive an offer from Cummins as I really worked hard and believe that I fit in well with the company. This internship has influenced me in that I know now what management styles I respond best to as well as how I lead teams. I am more open to different roles now and feel more confident in my technical skills and being confident as a minority (being a female non-engineer). I definitely did not anticipate being willing to relocate to a small town in Indiana after graduation, but I wouldn’t be entirely opposed. I know that I managed three months here with no personal transportation and that it would be much easier to settle down here with a mode of transportation. This internship has also made me consider going back to school to get an MBA to get a better grasp of business and more technical terms. Overall, this internship has allowed me to grow as an individual both personally and professionally. I’m grateful for this opportunity and appreciative of the reflection it has allowed through meetings with my managers and the overall professional development.

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  • August 5, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    It’s been such a pleasure to read about your experiences this summer, Jackie! I’m so glad to hear about the new possibilities that have opened up for you as a result of interning with Cummins, from your new-found confidence as a female non-engineer in a tech-centered company and your self-knowledge about management and teams to your potential interest in pursuing an MBA. As you wrap up, I hope you’ll have the chance to share some of these insights with those among whom you have worked, as they may have additional feedback and affirmation to offer you. Your blogging requirements are now complete (though you are welcome to keep posting), and I offer you my best wishes as you head into the fall. We’ll hope to see you at the Hub sometime!



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