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Food has definitely been one of the best parts of Boston! There are so many good places, but also just different kinds of places. The diverse background of the communities that make up Boston also spills over into the food. You can try pretty much every food imaginable within walking distance from downtown, whether it be Italian pasta and pastries in the North End, or ramen and bubble tea in Chinatown. Thank goodness my fellow interns love food too! Every day for lunch we go out together to find a new restaurant to try.

Although I’ve loved all the new cuisines I’ve tried, the most memorable place was actually just a small order-out place downtown called Spyce, established by a few MIT graduates. First of all, the food is just really good and inexpensive, so it already makes it on my list. They also have a wide variety of flavors, all in one place. My favorite is the Indian bowl, but its cool to be able to try a Thai dish, or Moroccan, or Mediterranean, and more, all in the same place. However, that’s not the coolest part… The food is all made by robots! After entering your order on one of the computer kiosks, a screen lights up behind the counter with your name and your order on it. Seconds later, the ingredients are dropped into a rotating pot just below the screen, where you can see the food autonomously cooked! All the employees do is put it in a bag and hand it to you. Some people in my office are not fans however; they find it a little unsettling for their food to be cooked by robots. But I think it’s amazing! (Though I might be slightly biased, being a computer engineer.) Although my fellow interns seem to not be quite as impressed by it as I, it’s one of our go-to spots. If I ever find myself in Boston again, I will be sure to stop by Spyce. Who knows if that’s how all food will be made one day!

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  • August 28, 2018 at 10:12 am

    Aw man, John. This post enlightened me to all the food I missed when I visited Boston this summer. This is fantastic!

    It was very interesting to hear about the diversity of the food available in Boston, but it makes sense given the diverse communities in and surrounding the city. It was insane to hear that there is a restaurant where the food is made by robots! That’s insanely impressive that they were able t\o pull that off.

    Would love to hear about more of the restaurants you enjoyed in Boston. If you know any good pasta places, let me know. 🙂


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