Home Away From Home | #3

This city is so new, so unlike any place I’ve lived before.  Although it’s nothing like where I grew up, I’m starting to be able to see myself living here. It’s tough being away from home in general, but this summer especially.  I got to take off 3 days of work this week for my brother’s wedding, and I’m very grateful that PwC let me.  It was unbelievable to see everyone, especially knowing I get the entire 4th of July week off and I’ll get to spend a lot of time with my family.  But I also missed my niece’s 2nd birthday party this past weekend which was tough.  But, I digress…

Day by day in Chicago, I enjoy the city more.  Taking a new route to and from work, walking around and seeing the skyscrapers, meeting new people, every aspect of the summer so far has led me to thoughts of living here after graduation. My roommates and I try to do as much as possible throughout the week and experience the life of a Chicago local.  The crowded streets, restaurants, parks, and bars really encompass the feeling of living in a city like this.  As I mentioned, it’s so hard to live away from my family, but with a consulting line of service doing Cyber, I could always substitute my flights to Chicago with flights back home to Detroit.  I guess that will all depend on the offer tho…

Well, next week will be taken off with my July 4th break from work, and I’ll catch up with everyone after!

(Edit: posts are later than originally written)

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