My lovely mentor, Margaret | #3

I have definitely found a great mentor as a result of my internship. I first met Margaret when I went to Grand Rapids to do an interview for the internship I have now. We immediately hit it off. We have very similar personalities, interests, and passions. Since the beginning of my internship, Margaret has been one of the first people I go to whenever I have a questions, read something interesting, or just want to chat. We recently had an informal interview as a part of the Political Science 399 class that I am taking to get credit for my internship. We had originally planned on 45 minutes at the most but our interview ended up being an hour and 45 minutes! Margaret and I realized that we shared a similar background and that our mutual love of reading and writing and our interest in politics had driven us towards a career in law. During our interview, I asked Margaret what is the best piece of advice she had ever received and her response really resonated with me. She told me to identify my strengths, follow them, and to stop spending so much time trying to fix my weaknesses. I absolutely loved this piece of advice and I know that it will stick with me for a long time. I, and many other young people, often find myself thinking negative thoughts and getting stuck on the things I can’t do or the things I am not good at instead of my many positive attributes. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about what I would like to do next summer as an internship. The internship market can be so competitive so I know I need to start thinking about it early. I mentioned the internship research I had been doing lately during our interview and the next day she came back in to the office with a list of questions and recommendations. It warmed my heart so much that she took that time at home to do this for me. I know that the time I have spent with her has been so valuable and I am grateful to have met her.


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