Reflection 1: The Start of Something New


Semester in Detroit has offered me the chance to have a really unique experience. I was able to choose from a list of partners and have an internship with the organization that fits me. Additionally, I get to live and learn in a city that I grew up near my whole life. I think that I will gain a better understanding of the city, my place in it, and the work being done there. I want to do social work in the future, so I think that this Summer could be really formative.

My internship is as United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC). UCHC is a nonprofit organization, which has provided comprehensive housing assistance to Detroit’s low-income residents since 1973. The organization has worked with tenants, homesteaders, homeowners, the homeless and community organizations, rebuilding neighborhoods and providing affordable housing, religious, civil rights, labor and housing advocacy to improve, preserve and expand affordable housing opportunities for low-income Detroiters FOR FREE! Today, the organization is primarily focused on the following areas of work: landlord tenant legal counseling, housing placement, tenant organizing, and tax and mortgage foreclosure prevention. 

I chose UCHC because I think it will be a challenge and that I will learn a lot. Last Summer, I did an internship at a domestic violence non-profit. I learned a lot about how social workers interact with trauma and tricky family situations and I received 40 hour domestic violence training. Although I loved that experience, I think it is important that I diversify my exposure to the field because social work can happen in so many ways.
I know very little about housing so I am excited to start tomorrow!

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