Reflection 2: Information Overload

My first week at UCHC has been very hands on and I have learned A LOT. As a 19 year old, I know relatively little about housing or owning homes in general. For example, I don’t think I ever really knew what a mortgage was before. At this internship, however, it is imperative that I understand what we are doing for clients’ housing situations. We went through a training to learn about everything, and it was a bit overwhelming. At the same time, I am now very excited for what lies ahead.

We learned all about how UCHC’s Tax foreclosure team works to fight housing discrimination through tax foreclosure. The team knows an incredible amount about the many options available for clients and have to think on their toes.

Even as I make phone calls, organize files, and listen to voicemails, I feel that the work I am doing is very important. Unlike my last internship, UCHC does not designate one counselor to each client because there are so many. Therefore, keeping everything organized is the difference between people living in their homes or not.

The best thing I have learned so far is the value of having homeowners in a community as opposed to renters. I think that UCHC’s work to allow communities to remain the way they are is so crucial in the midst of so much gentrification in the city.



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