Reflection 3: Meeting my coworkers

Now that I have been at UCHC for a few weeks, I have started to meet the people I am working with and they are all pretty amazing. I have four supervisors. One went to school to be an engineer and now counsels people through their housing. Another went to school for environmental science. Another started from activism and the last has been in UCHC for most of her life. These people have taught me a lot about the profession I want to go into.

Be passionate about what  you do above all else.

Although the people here all come from different places, they all have the job in common. Working in a place like UCHC directly involves a person’s feelings about what we all should have the right to as humans. Housing in particular is very specific and intense in its own ways. The team does well because they bring their different expertise together towards the same goals.

Do not expect perfection from yourself.

This work can be incredibly hard. Although you should try your best to have good results, remember to practice self care and take breaks. When you mess up, learn from it and ameliorate the problem rather than waste time being hung up on the mistake.


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