The Most Rewarding Project | #4

While my internship has consisted of mostly everyday tasks and basic digital content for social media, my favorite project I have been working on has the potential to have higher impact on the company’s visibility and growth. At the start of the internship, my boss proposed her idea to create a collegiate collection of our jewelry that would be tailored to specific universities. Because another intern and I are college students at major universities with strong sports followings, my boss asked us to mock up concepts for jewelry.

During the brainstorming process, we sat down and discussed our goals for the collection. We then decided what types of jewelry we felt would be best suited for college age women looking to showcase their school pride. We then mocked up each product with several variations before reviewing with our boss. We then edited based on our bosses’ suggestions and composed a deck to pitch to potential buyers. The products and deck then went through another editing process, were adapted for several different universities, and finished before we send out the deck in a couple of weeks.

While this is still an ongoing process, this has been my favorite project to work on this summer because I was able to play a key role in this project from start to finish. Additionally, if this collection is successful at the first college campuses we selected, we will be able to expand this collection to other universities. This would mean my designs would be sold in various stores across the nation. This would not only be a huge personal success for me but also be a huge success for my career and would show that I have the skills necessary to excel in this industry after college. Over the next couple of months, including when I am back in the University of Michigan, I am going to assist Tuleste in completing the buying process in order to ensure the designs make it into stores. Through this project, I have grown as a designer and as a business woman and I hope that through this project, we are able to create a successful collection that continues to grow Tuleste brand’s visibility and platform. In all, this project has been incredibly rewarding and I look forward to taking on more projects like this in the future.

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