Unexpected Encounters #4

In my previous post I talked about a scavenger hunt that I created for the Stagecoach Stop. I designed a worksheet that has questions for each sign. It is like the worksheets that I remember having in grade school. There are fifteen questions with blank lines following the question. Each blank line is for one letter. Underneath one of the lines there is a number. At the bottom of the page, there are more blank lines with numbers underneath. You put the letters from the answers on the lines corresponding with the numbers at the bottom of the page, and it solves a little riddle. The question that I put at the top of the page is, “Who is the Stagecoach Most Wanted?” Once all of the answers are found, and the lines at the bottom are filled in, the answer is “The Stagecoach Most Wanted is You!” Once they solve this, they can go to the gate of the park and they will receive a free t-shirt and get a photo taken behind a wanted sign that I also designed. I figured that this scavenger hunt would give visitors more to do while they are at the park, since there was minimal to do when I visited the first sign.

Yesterday I went up to the park to put some of the signs up on posts in the ground around the park. It was really sweet to be able to get ore familiar with the land at the park, and all of the cool Western buildings that are up there. Everything is starting to look great. There are definitely more improvements that can be done at the park, but this is at least a step in the right direction.

Another interesting thing that happened yesterday was that there was an old man that was filming footage of the buildings on the property. Eventually he came and started a conversation with me, asking a few questions about the park. During this conversation I found out that he is a film producer and director, and he is looking into using the location for his next film that he has been working on. He said that they want to book the resort for a couple week, and they will have a few pretty big movie stars there filming this movie. I was speechless. I am super passionate about theatre, acting, and film, and to be speaking with this man was incredible. A bit later he asked if we knew anyone that has any Western costumes. I told him that I go to the University of Michigan and that I know a lot of people that are in the School or Music, Theatre, and Dance, and some of them specialize with costume design. After I told him this, he asked if he could give me his email and phone number, and he proceeded to tell me that he will most likely be looking for extras for the film, and interns for things like lighting, costumes, and props. He also gave me his name and told me to look him up on IMDB. So we looked him up, and he literally has been nominated for an Oscar before! It was really incredible to have such a unique moment yesterday during my day at work.


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  • August 5, 2018 at 7:49 pm

    Hi Devin – Wow, what an awesome experience to have had! It’s wonderful to hear that you were thinking about ways to connect your network here at U-M to the work being potentially to be done on the film at your internship site – cultivating connections when chance opportunities arise is such a great asset to have as a professional. It’s also exciting to hear that your scavenger hunt project is coming to fruition and that you had the opportunity to see the difference it is making around the park (the signs look great in their completed state!). I’ll look forward to hearing what work you get to do next.



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