Week 3 in Tirana

In my third week in Tirana Albania we really focused on office life. I spent the entire work week in the office learning the ins and outs of what the ministry of Tourism actually does. I have learned that the ministry handles all things from legal disputes regarding the tourist areas they run. I’ve also got the inside on what places are being transformed into prime tourist attractions in Albania. One interesting thing I got to learn about this week was a pending lawsuit against one of the prime tourist areas. The office has lawyers handling but they often send a representative from the main office to analyze the problem directly, so one of the girls I usually work with was not present the entire week because of the issue. I really enjoyed this week. The women in the office are very polite and are very informative. I look forward to spending more time with them and learning more from them. They also suggested that we check out some of the places around Albania that they have been working on.

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  • August 3, 2018 at 9:53 am

    Hi Payton, my name is Peyton and I am an intern at the HUB. I will be taking over for Jennifer and following your blog this summer. Your time in Albania sounds like a great cultural experience, while you are also learning a lot about the intersections of healthcare and tourism. In this post you expressed that you really enjoyed your week in the office. I am curious to know more about the specific work you are doing in the office: is it challenging, fulfilling, exciting? I would be curious to know what you are learning from the women in the office and how it is transfering into the work you are doing outside of the office. I hope you are also enjoying the country and are able to go on more hikes and adventures!


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