5 – Catching Up/Photo Op

So now we are up to date with last week!

So my mentor is on vacation again and left me a list of new things to continue; spotting on-chip, synthesis, data write-up, and so much more.

The spotting on-chip is brand new interests for us. With synthesis through a pump, we use a hazardous solvent for synthesizing. But with spotting, we can’t work under a fume hood, so a new solvent must be found. After finding two new solvents, I started spotting of brushes on 6 new chips running at different times. I am excited to see not only if we were able to synthesize through spotting, but also if it can be done in less than or equal time as the one on the pumps! If that is the case, it would save time, material, and effort in creating our spots and setting up the pump every time!

So Friday was the Karle Symposium at the Chemistry Department. I did not realize this until I walked in and saw on our lab group’s messaging chat that we were going to have a group photo for our lab. The talks at the symposium were fantastic and informative, it’s great to hear about other group’s research and interests in the department. I can’t wait to see our group photo. Everyone all dressed up and looking nice for the symposium, and me in jeans and a nice blue shirt. But hey, I had a nice smile at least.

One thought on “5 – Catching Up/Photo Op

  • August 15, 2018 at 8:06 am

    You did an excellent job sharing out and reflecting this summer, thank you! We have an August photo contest coming up, you should share your photo once it is delivered.


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