Exploring Opportunities (5)

With my market research presentation out of the way, I have been able to spend the past week working a schedule very similar to that of a full-time analyst. To fill in the extra time I have now that my presentation is over, I started working on a couple side projects that complement my market work and will help me improve my SQL and Tableau skills. These projects change my day up a bit and give me a chance to see how much more there is to my job outside of managing markets. This change has made me like my job even more than I did before and it makes me more excited for the future.

In addition to side projects, I have been spending some of my time attending day in the field sessions with people from other departments including Finance, Corporate Strategy,Marketing and Network Planning. Although I like my position in Revenue Management (RM), I want to see what other departments do and what opportunities I have. The sessions allow me to sit down with an employee from another department and learn about what they do as well as how a career in that field may look like. They usually take me through a project they’re working on or their day to day to give me a better feel for their job. Even if I never end up working in any of the departments I have been visiting, I’m grateful for the opportunity because each day in the field gives me a better understanding of the company as a whole. It’s good to know how people in other departments think and how RM might interact with them. Additionally, it has helped me meet people that I otherwise would not have met, thus expanding and diversifying my professional network.

To build a strong network within Southwest, I have been participating in multiple activities outside of the office. I have become a regular at my department’s sand volleyball games on Wednesday afternoons where we overcome the 100 degree heat and enjoy some quality competition. Playing volleyball has helped me get closer to my coworkers in RM which has been beneficial to my growth as an analyst. I feel more comfortable reaching out to people I know and can get a more diverse outlook on managing markets by asking more people questions. It has been nice to see that a couple of these coworkers have taken me under their wing and regularly check in with me to see if I have a solid understanding of what I’m doing.

Wednesdays are for volleyball, but Thursdays are for basketball. Although we have slowed down in recent weeks due to the intense heat that July brings to Texas, we still hang around and try to give it a shot. While volleyball allowed me to build a network within my department, playing basketball has helped me expand it beyond RM. Thanks to basketball, I have made friends across the company in departments I would otherwise not have much interaction with.

Getting to meet people from all over the company has been a lot of fun and has helped me build a network within Southwest. Most importantly, it has shown me how many opportunities exist across a variety of fields. With only one week left, I look forward to meeting more people as I continue to shadow departments and explore what Southwest has to offer.

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