Finally Done With Paperwork | #6

My favorite experience of my internship was when we had a long weekend off in the middle, and my friends and I rented a car and took day trips every day. On the Saturday, we drove to a beach that we had never been to before. After our beach time, we walked into the town near the beach we had picked and tried a new gelato place, which was very good. We had a couple interesting run ins with locals, but overall it was a good time.

On Sunday, we did tourist-y things. We had heard that the palace at Pella was open, so we drove there even though most of us had been before. On the way, we accidentally drove to Thessaloniki due to a GPS error, but it turned out to be a great mistake because we got coffee and pastries and saw the Roman agora, which some members of our group hadn’t seen before. Once we finished our nice diversion, we actually went to Pella and found that the palace wasn’t actually open, which was unfortunate, but we had a good time there nevertheless.

After Pella, we drove to Petralona cave, which only one of us had been to before. The lady at the admissions counter let us all in for free, which was really nice of her. The cave was amazing inside, and they had done the lighting really well so that you could see all the depths of the cave really well. It was very cool to be able to see something in the region that was not archaeological.

On Monday we did another beach day, and we found our favourite beach that we’ve ever been to and had a lovely relaxing day on the sand.

The long weekend gave us our only real chance to get out of Nea Olinthos, and it was refreshing to be able to take time to relax and see some sights that were outside of the realm of our work.

Featured image: the beautiful beach we found on our Monday off

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  • August 23, 2018 at 3:48 pm

    Hebe, if the Hub tracking notes are correct, I think your experience is complete in Neo Olinthos. Either way, I was so glad to hear about your weekend of rest and rejuvenation. It’s so important to have a balance, and it really sounds like you made the most of it. I was tickled to hear you got into the cave for free (that was so nice of the attendant), and it sounds like you and your friends made some incredible memories. Speaking it, I imagine you got some other awesome photos from that weekend – we’d love for you to enter the Hub Photo Contest for August ( to submit a photo or two reflecting your experience this summer! “Landscapes/Landmarks” is one of the categories, or if you got a photo with Katherine, “Celebrate a Mentor” is also one.

    Thank you again for letting me peer into a window of your summer. Sounds like a very successful return visit to Neo Olinthos, and I am sure it gives you lots of fodder for your graduate school applications. Again, if the Hub staff can help in any way with that in the future, please connect with us.


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