#2. Engaging the community

My internship with Mariachi Femenil Detroit is sourced in the heart of Southwest Detroit, also known as Mexicantown. Although I grew up in this neighborhood and have spent countless days traveling up and down the streets of this community, I never knew how little I actually knew about the place I called home. Working with MFD has helped me discover dozens of entities located in the Southwest region that are not only giving back to the community but are also led by many locals. To be completely honest, I was not aware of how many resources are centered and developing in the heart of this beautiful community. I am excited to see we grow as a whole in the next several years.

One thought on “#2. Engaging the community

  • August 14, 2018 at 11:47 am

    Hi Salvador,

    Thank you for sharing your post! Like you, I’ve discovered several hidden jewels in Southwest Detroit. It’s a very cultural area of Detroit! Can you tell me some of the community engagement projects/trips you’ve able to participate in over the course of your internship? It sounds like you’ve been having a meaningful experience so far.



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