2 Weeks In

As my internship is progressing, I am quickly realizing how important it is to be efficient in Excel. I was really nervous at first because Excel is not a program that I use often for school or my daily life. When it comes to organization, I am the type to write notes and thoroughly organize details into a planner. Another thing that I find to be very difficult is that I am the first intern that this office has ever had. Therefore, as a team, we are all figuring what works best together. There are no guidelines that explain how to complete my project so I find myself a bit frustrated at times.

Although I feel happy that they entrust me with such a complex project, I also find that my work is going by quite inefficiently because I am continuously asking my supervisor questions. I started writing everything down so I wouldn’t inconvenience her but I still think there are a lot of components of the project that they find to be intuitive that I need to be taught.

I foresee that there may be many mistakes on my first project and that I will have to undergo many rounds of changes before my team is satisfied with the outcome of the project.  

One thought on “2 Weeks In

  • August 13, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    Hayoung, that sounds really frustrating! It can definitely be tough to come in to a situation where there’s no structure around it and try to figure out how to get work done. While it’s cool that you’ve gotten to work on such a complex project, a downside it sounds like is that you have a lot of questions for your supervisor and feel like you’re inconveniencing her or going really slowly. I’m glad to hear that it sounds like you’re really taking initiative to try different tactics, such as writing down questions and working with your team to figure out what works best. Have you tried talking to your supervisor about all of these frustrations?



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