Blog Post #4: Create Your Own Experience

I am at a comfortable point of my internship. For the most part, my day at work has become a routine. I have submitted two monthly projects and have a firm understanding of what to do and what is expected of me. I’ve noticed that I am submitting deliverables quickly and I am starting to have free time at work. I was very proud of myself because this proved how much I have improved at my job and I received praise from my supervisor.

However, as comfortable as I got, I started understanding what it meant to “take control of your internship experience”. It was important that I communicated with my boss to ensure that we were both getting what we wanted out of my time at DOT. I told my boss today that I was interested in sitting in on more meetings that my supervisor had because I wanted to be able to hear how my work was being used and what topics were being discussed.

In addition, I also told my boss that I was interested in Human Resources. I was nervous to do so at first but I really wanted to share what I was thinking and try to use the resources around me. Thankfully, she was happy that I had shared my interests and even set up a meeting for me to meet the Director of HR at the Office of the Secretary.

One thought on “Blog Post #4: Create Your Own Experience

  • August 15, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    Way to go Hayoung!!! I agree, you really are taking control of your internship! Good for you for talking to your supervisor both about hearing how your work is being used as well as about your interest in human resources. It shows that it paid off because she connected you to the Director of HR. This is how networking can really pay off–because you did this internship, you met your boss, who connected you to this HR person, who can give you important insights into working in HR and maybe even help connect you to a future internship or job.

    I’m really excited to hear that you have this meeting set up with the Director of HR. It sounds like this is an informational interview, or at least a good opportunity for one. I know from my experience it can be hard to figure out how to approach informational interviews and what to ask, so I recommend this resource to help you prepare ( I’d love to hear how the meeting with the Director of HR goes once you have it!



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