Fishing Pressures in Los Arcos – #6

After two months of collecting data, hours of analysis, and what feels like hundreds of revisions we have finally finished our paper and are sending it onto the publisher. Our findings showed that there were indeed fishing pressures brought upon by illegal fishing in the National Marine Reserve of Los Arcos. This theory can be supported because, few to no commercial fish were seen in Los Arcos despite it being a nursery ground for fish. Our findings showed that while it appears more fish come when boaters are present, this is not the case. It appears there is a positive correlation between fishing and boating because local fisherman feed fish while tourists snorkel. Also, while large groups of certain types of fish appear, other species leave while large numbers of oats occupy Los Arcos for the majority of the day.  

One thought on “Fishing Pressures in Los Arcos – #6

  • August 12, 2018 at 4:31 pm

    Hi Darian! Your internship is SO cool! I love how you talk about it with such passion and that you’ve been able to gain great diving and identification expertise along with data analysis and research paper skills. Which is all in addition to what you’re learning outside your work environment.

    Now that you’re just a couple days away from leaving – I’m curious, how do you think this experience will impact your future plans? Would you like to continue this type of work? If so, same or different topic? Same or different locale? If not, what are you interested in pursuing next and how do you think you’ll utilize the skills you’ve gained in this new environment?

    I really enjoyed learning about your internship experience through your blogs! I want to acknowledge that with this post you’ve met the six blog requirement. You’re more than welcome to continue to blog and I’ll continue to follow your posts! However if this is the last time that I hear from you on the blog we’d love to see you stop by the Hub in the Fall to discuss how you can represent this experience on your resume, LinkedIn, in networking conversations, and/or in interviews!

    I hope you have a safe flight home!



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