How One Thing Led to Another | 4

The following took place from July 7- July 21:

Going into this film shoot, I had no idea what my role on set would be. For the first week of production, everyday seemed like a mystery – one I enjoyed (for the most part). But the spontaneity of my job soon disappeared one Saturday afternoon when our crafty guy fucked up. “Crafty’, btw, is a nickname used for craft services on film/tv sets. Crafty is responsible for handling food and making sure there’s always something to eat/munch on! Anyways, Toby (not really his real name) was the production’s assigned crafty guy, and after doing a pretty  bad job setting up for lunch, I was asked to step in and help him out. Instantly, there was something about him that rubbed me the wrong way and my presumptions about Toby soon proved to be true. In addition to his lack of understanding about food presentation/preparation, the conversations that Toby carried were inappropriate and ridiculous. He asked me if I had a boyfriend and proceeded to tell me the youngest girl he dated was 16 (he’s 30).  The rest of the conversation looked like this:

“Toby, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.”

“Well, not in the state of New Jersey.”

Unsurprisingly, I did not have much to say after that. In fact, his presence made me so uncomfortable I worked quietly for the rest of the day. Going home that Saturday, I felt ill and hoped I wouldn’t have to interact with Toby again. To my surprise, when I came to work the next day, Toby wasn’t there. When I asked the production coordinator what happened to him, she said that he was fired. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one he had offended. That, plus his lack of competency when it came down to food services had gotten him fired. (THANK GOD.)

From this, came my time to shine. After a new crafty server was hired, I became her second. From that moment on, me, her, and another intern were in charge of feeding 140 people everyday for 5 days a week.Every morning frozen foods would be delivered, and we would be in charge of defrosting/setting up/serving/ and cleaning up after these people! In addition, multiple trips were made to the grocery store for snacks and by the end of week 1, coffee runs for cast + crew became second nature.

Ultimately, even though my responsibility on set came from someone else’s mishap,  I took advantage of that opportunity and embraced every moment of being a crafty gal!





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