Influence of My Internship Experience: Blog #6

I can’t believe my internship has come to an end. I have to admit that it was definitely one of the most memorable experiences of my summer in New York City. This experience made me fall in love with working as an investment banking analyst at one of the finance capitals in the world.

The professional knowledge I have gained, the amazing people I have worked with and the essential skills I have improved demonstrated the significant influence of my summer experience at Bank of America. From barely knowing anything about the real estate investment banking industry, to someone who can now talk about various sectors in thoughtful way. From not knowing anyone from the group on the first day, to becoming part of the “family” and working comfortably with them throughout many late nights. The transformation within the last 12 weeks was tremendous.

On the last day of my internship, we had a farewell party with all the junior and senior bankers as well as summer interns attending. I was a little upset instead of feeling relieved as I have expected. There were moments during the internship that I was stressed out and even sleep-deprived. But on the last day, I did not want to leave the bank and the group I’ve been working with, where I gained one of the best working experiences. Looking back at the past 12 weeks, I was surprised at how much banking knowledge I have learned. Working on the models given by my managers and putting together slides for the clients, I got the opportunity to work on difficult projects and approach financial concepts I have never touched on before. It felt amazing when the work I have put in was able to add value to the client companies and even the industry. I found the process of analysing financial statements of client companies to be challenging but exciting. Such experience greatly improved my quantitative analysis skills and gave me a strong statistical background. I also felt a great sense of accomplishment as I was able to build my own financial model.

As a rising senior, I found it to be a great opportunity to gain an early exposure to the real world experience of working as an investment banker, a career I consider to pursue after graduation. I truly enjoyed the corporate culture of Bank of America, where people are always there to help and focus on the importance of teamwork. I have met some inspiring and motivational individuals from interns to seniors and clients, expanding my social network in New York and honing my inter-personal skills at the same time. The overall internship was fun and insightful. I truly enjoy and appreciate my internship experience at Bank of America and I would definitely come back in the future, continue learning and growing as an individual.

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