Last Week | #5

It’s hard to believe that my time in Cleveland is almost over. I feel like I live such a different lifestyle at school vs. this summer at work. I guess, here are the differences:

School: Eat Pizza House at 3 AM, sleep at 4 AM, wake up at 12; entered the CCRB only three times the past three years of college (only once to work out, though, LOL); studying at Starbucks and living off of processed breakfast sandwiches and Rich JC. 

Work: Sleep at a reasonable time like before 12 AM, wake up at 7 AM; actually using my gym membership; actually cooking good meals (like fresh foods) and not eating packaged or processed foods.

Wow, I felt like a completely different person while in Cleveland. I guess during school, I liked the freedom of doing things whenever I want to, while the work-life has a more strict 9-5. I definitely feel like I have a lot more free time now that I’m working to do things I want to do, since I don’t have to work/study outside of the 9-5. However, I definitely have a bigger social life during school, having the freedom to do dumb college things like drinking a milkshake at 3 AM (bad mistakes, I have to say).

With only one last week of work, I have to say I will miss the work-life balance routine. It’s nice to be able to cook for myself and not have to eat out because I’m too “busy” to cook. I hope that I can at least cook and work out more when I’m back at school.

It’s also hard to believe that I only have 5 more work days. Even though work is hard and frustrating, I hope I can finish strong. I’ll also miss the friends I’ve made here and especially the church community I’ve been attending. I will definitely miss going to a coffee house on Sunday afternoons and doing work in a group but separately (if that makes sense). I think I really learned to treasure my experiences here, despite being pessimistic when I first decided to go to Cleveland for the summer. Despite work being hard, my overall Cleveland experience was super good and I definitely learned a lot.

One thought on “Last Week | #5

  • August 13, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    Ailun, I definitely understand what you’re saying about the difference in self care and freedom between being a student and a working person. I definitely have struggled with similar issues! Now that you’ve developed some habits, though, maybe you’ll be able to apply them to your student life when you return.

    It sounds like you were really able to make a great experience for yourself. That’s so great! Both being able to learn at your internship, as well as being able to build a community outside of work, are so important to being able to enjoy yourself and grow as a person. The connections you made may not end here–knowing people is so important when you’re out looking for a job. The folks you connected with in Cleveland may be valuable connections when you get to that point, introducing you to people, etc.



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