Mentorship | #5

Over these past couple of weeks in research, I have had the opportunity to grow closer to the people in my lab. They have been great guides for me in my transition from classroom to the lab. I feel like everybody in my lab played a different role in mentoring me. I connected very well with the lab tech in my lab because she was very young like me and was pretty fresh out of undergrad. She easily understood the different areas where I was uncertain and helped me build my confidence in the lab. It was also nice to have someone that you would trouble shoot with because sometimes we were both confused on problems, lol! The post-doc in my lab was the person that kept me most on track. For the time I was there, she was writing her paper and traveling to different conferences around the world presenting her research. She had many due dates on her mind which kept her focused and when it came time for my due dates, she was very on top of things. She was always available to help even if it was late at night and cut me no slack which I was grateful for. My final mentor was the MD, PhD that ran the lab and he was so smart! Always had an answer for my questions but still motivated me to try and come up with answers for myself and think deeper. He taught me much about stats and coding and their benefits in the research lab. Also gave me a lot of advice on the road to med school which I hope to pursue. I will never forget what each one of them has taught me. They made my experience so memorable.

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