Motivated | #6

This experience has definitely motivated me to pursue my intended career path even more. So far I have gotten a field, classroom, and lab perspective of infectious disease and I have loved every single one of them. Getting to understand about how disease work and spread throughout environments was extremely interesting to me. I enjoyed doing it and would be blessed if I had the opportunity to continue. Throughout this process, people have been encouraging me to continue to pursue infectious disease and to put into practice everything that I continue to learn throughout my undergrad journey. I can’t wait to be ablr=e to do this in the future.

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  • August 10, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    Hi Sopuluchukwu,

    I’m so happy to hear that you are working with a team of brilliant, kind people. It is always valuable when your supervisors go out of their way to teach you additional things, and it’s great that you made a mental note to remember their words!

    Are there any skills and professional goals you really wish to gain from this internship? If you are in awe of your supervisor’s time management skills, maybe ask her for a tip or two! Besides the knowledge they are giving you, don’t hesitate to ask questions of your own. They seem very approachable, so it’s a great opportunity to optimize your learning goals!

    It is great that you have a determined career path as an undergraduate. Your passion in learning about infectious disease is inspiring, and I’m glad you gained valuable advice for going into med school. It will not be an easy path, but I’m sure you will strive through with your driven mindset!

    Moving forward, have you thought about other things you would like to do to get closer to the infectious disease field? If you are interested in doing similar lab work, your current mentor may be the best person to talk to! Before you wrap up your internship, definitely consider reaching out to them to learn about opportunities on campus, and maybe even beyond Michigan. We also have a wealth of LSA alumni who may have words of advice; feel free to connect with the Hub to learn about how to broaden this network, and reach out for informational interviews if it’s something you might be interested in.

    You have accomplished so much, while adapting to a new living environment- give yourself a pat on the back! I hope the rest of your internship goes well, and don’t hesitate to stop by the LSA Opportunity Hub to chat more about your interests and experiences!


  • August 10, 2018 at 2:17 pm

    Hi Sopuluchukwu,
    I really enjoyed learning about your internship experience through your blogs! I want to acknowledge that with this post you’ve met the six blog requirement for the scholarship. You’re more than welcome to continue to blog and we’ll keep following your posts! However if this is the last time that we hear from you on the blog, I hope that you’ll have a chance to stop by the Hub this fall. We can chat about how you represent your experience on your resume, LinkedIn, or even in future interviews! Please let us know how we can be of help.

    Best of luck in the final weeks of summer,


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