My Internship “Graduation” #6

After 7 weeks of preparing, we finally presented our internship project. This project consisted of conducting market research on millennials, evaluating statistical data to develop valuable insights, and synthesizing all of our findings to sustain one, cohesive idea to present to a client.

We had to evaluate the best way to market Samsung’s Multi-Device Ecosystem to a millennial audience; particularly to an audience we could convert and engage into brand loyalists. It was our job to monitor our own project, assess the brief, evaluate the existing data on our audience, leverage our creativity, plan a budget, and create a full-on plan of action for an entire marketing project. Then we had to present it to Samsung representatives as well as 50+ employees within the Digitas NY office.

After countless setbacks, scrapped ideas, and phases of lost momentum, my team was finally able to present our solution this past Friday. I felt like it would be the most nerve-wracking moment of my professional career, so far, but when it was my turn to present, I didn’t stumble. There was a sense of pride that carried me through my presentation. I knew what I was talking about because of all the hours I spent working on this assignment. I did not feel an ounce of nerves speaking directly to representatives of Samsung. Instead, I felt glory. I knew that our research was incredibly thorough and that our creative messaging was built off of that data. I knew that we had a tangible flight plan with unique concepts inspiring our campaign throughout. Finally, I knew that our hard work was evident throughout or presentation. Each of us took on a challenging aspect of creating our very own marketing plan and we all made sure to make it count. After our presentation, we were praised on our performance by executives, managers, VPs, and the Samsung representatives!

This was probably my favorite moment of the internship this summer, because there’s nothing like the sigh of relief I felt when it was over.

One thought on “My Internship “Graduation” #6

  • August 10, 2018 at 3:31 pm

    Hi Pasquale,
    I am thrilled to hear your presentation went well! The feeling of success after hard work is indescribable!
    I hope you have a great rest of your summer!


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