Week 3 – Halfway There

I’m already halfway done?!?! Time has really flown by, but so much has happened too! I’ve been getting involved in a lot of outreach programs with the museum which I absolutely love because it is fantastic to see the social impact that the museum has on the city. While I’m looking forward for what is to come, I am also reflective of my experience here as well. One thing in particular is how I feel about my American identity. This was one specific identity I thought of in the Internship Orientation. From my trip to London back in February, I became well aware of this identity when I saw a Newsweek issue where on the front cover, there was the image of an American flag well damaged from bullets (in reference to the current controversies of gun laws in the States). I also see many caricature graphics or hear locals banter about our current president. Regardless of my personal beliefs on these things, I feel that they are automatically associated with my American identity and that is recognized the moment I open my mouth…

It is something that I was worried about and super conscious of when first arriving here, but now I have just accepted it for what it is. I haven’t come across any issues about it thus far, which assures me that I shouldn’t be concerned too much about it either.

Otherwise, I’m getting well-settled in and very comfortable here.

I love the work I’m doing.

-Jessica S.

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