Week 4 in Albania

During my fourth week in Albania the other interns and I traveled to one of the most well known tourist spots in the country, Ksamil Islands. This was good to see in comparison to Nivica, a place still being developed. The location is great for all ages. It has great activities for young children, young adults, and adults. This makes it a prime money maker for the country. Although it was quite established  there are still improvements being made. Just recently lifeguard posts were installed throughout which is great considering the depth of the water, but the only issue is there are no lifeguards. Also, while I was there I noticed a lot of untapped potential in the businesses in Ksamil. There are tons of places with ideal locations close to the beaches that are in my opinion are not being used to its full potential. On the healthcare standpoint, I noticed that there was no officia first aid area or even a hospital or clinic nearby. This was something that stuck out to me considering all of the potential dangers that could take place due to the deep waters, rocky islands, exotic sea creatures etc. Overall, I am really happy that I got to see what a more established tourist area was like in Albania so we can do a better job working to make the new ones better.

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