Week #7: This Is It!

My last official day of my internship was Friday…it’s insane how fast this summer has gone by! Especially when breaking it up into different blog posts :0. All in all, it’s been an amazing experience. The people I got to work with were all super friendly, smart, passionate people and I’m hoping I’ll be able to see them again sometime in Warsaw or maybe in the US! I’ve learned so much especially from my direct supervisor, who taught me about different recording equipment, storytelling techniques, and gave me awesome podcast recs.

I wrote three articles for the website, which are now officially published online! I also finally wrote the script for the alchemist episode of the podcast. I’m sure they’ll edit it a lot, but I know they’re going to keep my structure and the tape from the interview I conducted, which is pretty cool. I can’t wait for the podcast to come out so I can share it like crazy on Facebook.

This week and weekend I’ve tried to pack in everything else I wanted to do in Warsaw. I was pretty successful! Luckily, Maryellen agreed to go through my whole checklist with me. Friday night we went to this nice outdoor bar in a park in the Zoliborz district, one of the oldest parts of Warsaw. Saturday we packed in a breakfast market, also in Zoliborz, and then visited Praga across the Vistula River for a trip to the Museum of Polish Vodka (with a complimentary vodka tasting at the end!) and some traditional Polish food at a restaurant recommended to me. Sunday we visited Wilanow Castle, a beautiful palace some call the Versailles of Poland. We also fit in a trip to the Chopin Museum, and to complete our Chopin-y experience, we listened to free Chopin in Lakienki Park.

I was super exhausted over all that walking, but also content, because I feel like I really know Warsaw. It was my home for two months! It was so refreshing to live like a local instead of as a tourist visiting a foreign country for a few days. My coworkers taught me so much about Polish culture and about where people actually hang out in Warsaw. I have a very, very, very basic understanding of certain Polish words. This internship has made me realize how deeply I want to travel and live in other places for extended periods of time. It’s an experience like no other.

I’ll get to test my knowledge of Warsaw when my family flies in tomorrow. I have (mostly) the whole trip planned, and then we’re off to Kraków and Amsterdam. So, no more blog posts from me! It’s been real, LSA Opp Hub Blog. You’ve been a really convenient way for me to keep all my relatives in the loop 🙂

Display of vodka bottles at Vodka Museum
Hilariously sassy statue in Wilanow Palace
Wilanow Palace!
Cool bridge thingy Maryellen and I found in Zoliborz
Culture (my office) has a tradition of taking a photo of everyone who’s worked there. They had me pose holding plums with a pink crown on my head for some reason

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