A Small Breath | #3

I truly have not had the opportunity to blog as much as I have wanted to and the truth behind it is that my boss gave me too much work. I had never been in a situation where I was overwhelmed with something aside from school. On top of my boss’s side project, he had a new client come through that had a sensitive two week due date. His client was a medium sized investment group that is running a promotion for people to sign up and reclaim their financial help. Our job was to create and integrate a 2 step form that displays information based on people’s responses which would then connect them with an appropriate financial advisor. Never in my life did I know that creating a form with less than 8 fields would be so difficult to implement into a website. There was the underlying fact I have lesser knowledge in CSS and HTML, but I really appreciated that my boss talked to me on the same level as a developer while on this task. After sitting down and meeting with the client physically and receiving feedback twice, we finished the form yesterday. I now have a moment to collect myself before I focus all my efforts on my next task I have to get done by tomorrow, a website redesign.
Here’s an image of some gelato I got to celebrate

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