Appreciation Post Dedicated to my Mentor!

Over the past two months, I have gotten the chance to work diligently with my mentor here at the National Forum for Higher Education, and I have enjoyed everything he has done for me: from my first day, making me feel welcomed into the office with his fellow co-workers to the present day, providing me with enough confidence to lead a weekly business meeting, involving all of his co-workers (as well as fellow interns besides myself). Everything that my mentor has introduced me to has helped me develop more into the leader I strive to be, and I am truly appreciative of the level of support he has demonstrated in me every step of the way.

In the beginning of my internship, I was definitely worried it would take some time for me to adjust to the summer schedule of my internship; however, my mentor never failed to assure me that with patience, I will soon understand what more I can do to further my skill set here. My mentor’s personal leadership skills were made vivid throughout my time here, for his commitment in what he does has allowed me to gain an interest in future endeavors involving outreach work with adolescents.

I have always known I enjoy giving back to others in my own community, so I set my heart out to teaching; however, through this experience, I have gained new competency skills in the advocacy and political work that can be done in the Educational field. These skills wouldn’t have been gained if it weren’t for my mentor introducing me.

I look forward to the last few weeks of my internship experience and cannot wait to catch you all up!

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