BHP Part 1, End Of Internship | #6

The Big House Program finally took place last Wednesday and it was simply amazing and satisfying to see the work of three months take action. Although it was only two days, I was able to form a bond with multiple students and even having them reach out to me after the program for help. It was also a pleasure to work with the Office of Enrollment Management (OEM) and the participants were able to get all the answers to their burning questions. Although a very happy two days, it also marked the end of my internship. When I first started this internship, I saw of it as a way to just spend my summer but as time went on and work was being put in, the internship helped shaped me in ways that I am proud of. This internship has helped me conceive multiple perspectives and knowledge that I would not have without this internship. I am grateful for this internship and hope to do so again!


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