Blog #3: Halfway There!

Being an intern for La Casa, my identity as a Latina is put at the forefront and appreciated. Every decision I make for this internship is based on my experiences being a Latina at UM. Particularly, in this internship, my experiences matter because I am able to provide a lens to help others with similar experiences as I to feel more welcomed in this campus. I do not feel like my identity is tokenized. I do not have to educate anyone on why my experiences are different. On the contrary,  I am using my identity to contribute to something much larger than what is on paper. I am transforming lives and creating a positive impact on my community. I am inspired everyday, and love every event I am making possible for Latinx Heritage Month and ALMA. I have created a family away from home. Because we share the same identity of being Latinx, we understand each others experiences as we went through similar situations. This allows us to be more confortable with each other to really push each other to grow as leaders in our community and help each other in task. The mentors we have here such as Teresa Sanchez-Snell, Javier Solorzano Parada, and Richard Nunn have also shaped us as leaders in our community by giving us task that will allow for our skills to blossom. They allowed me to take leadership of the marketing strategy of Latinx Heritage Month. This is preparing me for future job positions I see myself in where I can help companies’ marketing strategies be more culturally sensitive. In the future, I want to start my own business doing this where I can offer Latinx students the opportunity to pursue their passion in film, graphic designs, marketing, and communications while making content much more culturally sensitive.

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