Blog Post #4: Leaders & Best

I learned leadership is about motivating others to achieve the same goal. Being an intern for La Casa, I understand now it is not about being the best of your cohort. It is about helping each other to be the best leaders we can. Each of us are great at different things which allows us to really improve on them when other people are there to help you and give you confidence to do so. I gained so much confidence on my marketing skills because everyone gave me so much confidence and helped refine my ideas to make my vision come alive in my marketing strategies. I never felt more confident in my abilities than being here and working for La Casa which is essence working for my Latinx community. All the work I’ve done is going to mean much more for my community as they feel more comfortable being away from home.

At the beginning of this experience, I wish I would’ve been more confident in my abilities at the start of this internship. So, I had much more time to improve my skills. So, I would tell someone before me who is going to work for La Casa to come in being confident in their abilities which will allow the mentors to utilize their skills in the task they give them. Then, their skills will flourish much more rapidly. Also, I would like them to know every task they are given is much more than a task. It will have such a great impact in our community that will make them feel proud of what they done to make our community stronger.

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