Excuse me, I’ve been waiting for over an hour! [4]

As far a learning from someone who has been in my shoes, I have found a great mentor! She’s a PhD candidate and is working on her 3rd year at Northwestern University. She has been the one guiding me in all my experiments, helping me become acquainted with the lab, and teaching me the background knowledge necessary for my experiments to make sense to me. Even though her plate is full and she is guiding me every step of the way, she told me that I’m the one who is helping her accomplish one of her goals — mentoring. One thing that I’ve learned from her that there is a secret that everyone in science should know— most mistakes in science can be fixed.

I recently have had to read a graduate level article and present the figures to all the post docs, graduate students, and my P.I. From this experience, I’ve learned that becoming a leader doesn’t mean you understand everything you’re talking about. It means you’re willing to learn about what you’re talking about, and I definitely did that! I realized that helping to lead in the discussion of the figures increased my confidence in my ability to take the unfamiliar and make it familiar.

Look, the food in Chicago is amazing but you can’t come to here without trying Chicago deep dish pizza. It just so happened that we chose to try the staple at a horrible restaurant. Myself and 3 other of my program members left work around 5 to go get this famous “Chicago Deep Dish”. When we got to the restaurant, they told us the wait would be 45 minutes if we wanted an indoor seat. We were, of course upset, but were hopeful that since the wait was so long, that the food would be worth it. So we stayed and waited. When we were finally called in, the hostess led us to an OUTDOOR patio table even though we had been waiting for and INDOOR table. We let it go, trying not to ruin our mood. Our waitress came out and took our order and told us that deep dish pizza normally takes about 40 minutes to bake. We of course agreed to the time and waited…again. But after an hour and 15 minutes, we flagged down the manager and asked what was taking so long. “Excuse me, are you the manager? Okay, we’ve been waiting over an hour for our food”. The manager  took a long pause and assured us that there is no wait for pizza right now and everything should be on time. I looked at him and in my head I’m thinking, well if that’s the case, why haven’t I gotten this food yet. I restrained myself. After finally getting out pizza, it turned out the pizza wasn’t really meeting any standards. We asked for the check and waited another half hour to get the bill. Worst. Food Experience. Ever.

I would have rather gone to Domino’s.

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  • August 14, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    Wow, you’ve got two really different experiences going on here, Megan! First, to focus on the positive one, I am so glad you’ve found such a valuable mentor to work with during your internship. It sounds like she is really invested in your relationship and helping you to grow because of her interest in mentoring. Because of this, I wonder if you might be able to maintain a relationship with her after you leave your internship. It’s valuable to have mentors, even if you decide not to pursue this specific field. Her advice about how most mistakes in science can be fixed can apply to a lot of different things!

    What you said about leadership is SUCH an important insight! I love the way you framed it and I can really identify with it myself. One of the things that is difficult to realize when you “become an adult” is that people who seem like they have it all figured out like leaders, they actually don’t always have it figured out, but what makes them good leaders is listening to others and being open to learning. It sounds like you are really building and demonstrating these skills in leading that discussion!

    Regarding the pizza experience, that sounds SO frustrating! It’s really unfortunate that even after waiting so long and not being seated where you wanted AND the manager being weird with you, the pizza wasn’t even good!

    Hopefully you can have some better pizza soon, even if it is just Domino’s!



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