Final thoughts of my summer #6

Here are my final thoughts, the good and the bad.

I did not have any expectations of my experience in DC. It’s not that I had low expectations– it’s that I did not know what to expect in the first place. Honestly, the beginning was kind of a whirlwind because I had just gotten back from a semester abroad two weeks prior to moving to DC. I did not have time to process or reflect on what would happen here. In fact, I didn’t even have solid housing plans until a week before I moved in.

The best thing that has happened to me this summer was my decision to live with other Michigan kids in PSIP. Although I was not technically a part of PSIP, I got to live with other students from UofM at a GW dorm. Sure, I wasn’t too ecstatic about living in a dorm situation again, but I actually almost got scammed twice before. I figured it was the safest option. I’m really glad I did, though. I became really good friends with everyone in my apartment complex. Saying goodbye to them was really hard, but it was also exciting to know I would have a new group of friends once I went back to campus.

This summer was important for me because I wanted it to point me in a career path for post-grad plans. To an extent, it did. Before this summer, I was pretty set on taking the LSATs my senior year and going straight to law school, but this summer has made me realize I would rather have some work experience for a couple years and think about law school or grad school more deeply. I also understood the importance of keeping an open mind about the kind of jobs I wanted to apply for. Initially, I wasn’t too hot on the idea of lobbying, but this summer has proved otherwise.

I expected for this summer to end with me knowing exactly what I wanted to do for the rest my life, career-wise. I was wrong. If anything, I am left more confused than before because this summer has opened more paths than choosing one. Speaking to my coworkers and peers though, I realize that not knowing is okay and that I’ll be fine in the end, anyway. My summer in DC has definitely proven to be a fruitful experience for me. I’m really thankful for the LSA Internship Scholarship because it has allowed me to pursue what I otherwise could not have done.

2 thoughts on “Final thoughts of my summer #6

  • August 14, 2018 at 8:49 am

    In the post with some of your final thoughts, you raised an interesting point that I have thought about throughout the summer myself. You need to work in a field you’re passionate about, and I feel the same way. Why would you do something for the rest of your life if it isn’t your passion? (Not that you’ll keep anyone job for your entire life, but it’s likely enough that you or I will work within a single field of work.) I think it’s great that you want to explore other fields over your next two semesters, and I sincerely hope it goes well.

    I am so glad to hear that you had a positive experience with your internship. It sounds like this experience definitely made you reconsider your future a little bit, and hey, that’s what internships are for! There is no better time than now to experiment and find out what works best for you so that you have a game plan moving forward. I’d be curious to hear about other fields you are considering following this internship. Anywho, have a great rest of your summer and good luck in the fall!

  • August 23, 2018 at 10:41 am

    Hello Sion – I’ve really enjoyed reading your thoughtful reflections and learning about your policy internship and experiences in DC! As of this post, you’ve met your blogging requirements for the summer (though you are welcome to continue posting). Please know you are welcome to stop by the Hub this fall to discuss how you can represent your accomplishments on your resume, LinkedIn, or in networking conversations. I hope you’ve been enjoying some downtime in the time since your internship wrapped up!


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