First Week Down

The first week is down! I absolutely love Poland. I have been so fortunate that my roommates are so wonderful! They were more than willing to help me with everything and show me around the city. I also have been able to meet up with people I know from Poland. Last year, my aunt and uncle had a foreign exchange student from Warsaw, Poland. I was also able to meet up with the cousin of a family from my hometown in Imlay City, Michigan. Because of this, I have really enjoyed my time here. I have had a better experience in Poland than any other abroad experience I have been in because I have been able to have a real local experience.  As for my internship, I have really enjoyed my experience so far. My co-workers are always friendly and helpful. I have also really gotten to know one of my fellow interns here at There is also an intern from the University of Cambridge in the UK. This also has been a cultural experience, although not Polish. I have never met someone from Great Britain, so hearing about her perception of Polish culture, and American culture. This in itself has been educational.

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