Girls gotta eat #4

As my time in D.C. comes to a close, one thing I will miss the most about this city is the food. I am a self-described foodie. I love to cook, go to restaurants, and try new foods and recipes. Indeed, this summer inspired me to start my own food Instagram account to chronicle both my own cooking and the many amazing meals I get to enjoy in D.C., at home, and all the other places I have traveled.

During my time in D.C., I have been privileged to have gotten to eat at many amazing restaurants. Both with friends and with my co-workers and bosses, I have truly had a delicious experience.

Below, please find some of my favorite places and foods.

Bananas foster french toast from a restaurant right near the George Washington University dorms where I stayed.

A savory open-faced waffle sandwich from a restaurant near my office called “Wicked Waffle.”

An amazing dinner from a D.C. restaurant called “The Hamilton” where I went with my friend from school when she came to visit me for the weekend.

Another sandwich from Wicked Waffle when I went with my co-worker and friend Suzy.

Tater tots from a restaurant 100 feet away from the dorms.

Homemade pizza from my mom’s recipe (sometimes you need a taste of home).

A delicious brunch from when me and all 15 of my roommates went to celebrate living together and having a great summer.

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