HoMe away from home!

Luckily, I have been granted this opportunity to work my summer internship here at the University of Michigan. This is my second summer here in Ann Arbor, and I have grown to appreciate the little things that Ann Arbor has to offer in the summertime that I don’t have the opportunity to experience in the fall/winter.

Throughout the summer here in Ann Arbor, I have grown accustomed to what hidden gems this town has via exploration in my free time. I’m originally from Chicago, so Ann Arbor is definitely a smaller city compared to Chicago; however, I didn’t let this stop me from enjoying my time here.

One of the many hidden gems that I’ve gotten the chance to appreciate here in Ann Arbor is kayaking with friends and co-workers at Huron river. This experience– though be it long– is so relaxing and has been such a perfect way for me to mellow out and enjoy the scenery that surrounds me. Additionally, it has been quite a delight to experience the peacefulness of Ann Arbor during the summertime, for there are less people on campus now than during the school year. Doing research and internship work on the diag has been my go to, especially once the sun starts to cool off!

I plan to finish this summer off the right way by exploring what more Ann Arbor has to offer!

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