“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” | Blog #5

My time in Los Angeles is coming to a close, and I wasn’t prepared for how hard it’ll be for me to say, “Goodbye.” I didn’t expect to meet so many incredible people who are now my closest friends and mentors. I truly believe in the saying “Everything happens for a reason,” and I truly believe the people I’ve met came into my life for a reason. As sad as it is to leave L.A., I’ve become stronger and smarter, and I owe it so much to the people who surrounded me and took care of me.

Before flying out to L.A., almost everyone I’ve talked to warned me about the people in L.A.

                    “L.A. people are crazy!” “They’re fake!” “Don’t turn into one of them!”

I’ll be honest and say that it’s true that there are many interesting people in Los Angeles, but even then, I’m so glad I was exposed to an array of colorful people from different backgrounds.

My roommate, who interns at Fox, is now one of my closest friends. My mentor, a Michigan alumni, got me a side project that will hopefully come into fruition. My fellow Wayfarer intern friends are now good friends of mine who I can always count on.

I’ve made such good friends here, and I know that *when* I come back to L.A., I’ll know who to contact. My bosses, friends, roommates, mentors, and people I met along the way have become my biggest supporters, and it’s nice knowing that when I go back to Michigan, I’ll know people in L.A. and all over the country who are rooting for me.



Nina K

SAC major. Class of 2019.

One thought on ““How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” | Blog #5

  • August 16, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    Hi Nina,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts! It seems like you had a terrific time at Wayfarer Entertainment and living in LA! I am so happy you were able to maximize this experience. I remember you writing in one of your early posts about being nervous about moving to a big city by way of Tennesee. See how things have turned around! Do you think after graduation you would explore potential full-time opportunities with Wayfarer Entertainment? So proud of you!

    Go Blue!



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