Post 7

Part 1 of the Big House Program Generation 7 went really well! Seeing all of the hard work from this summer come together was amazing. It was a bit overwhelming but I have been left with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The program ran smoothly and we could not have asked for a better group of participants.

Generation 7 of BHP was a very social group of students. This made it easy to talk to the participants. I was a little worried about meeting so many people but it was actually really nice. It helped that I had studied the student identification cards and knew most of their names before the start of the program. The participants were all friendly and happy to be on campus for the program. Being able to answer some of their questions about college and the application process was a good experience. I was surprised how good helping them felt. I am looking forward to being able to assist some of them further as they work on their essays at home. The participants have been given PILOT contact information so that we can keep in touch and assist participants between the different parts of the program.

PILOT’s partnership with the Office of Enrollment Management has had a promising start. Part 1 went smoothly with PILOT and OEM working side by side. The reflection held with volunteers and the participants at the end of the program provided criticisms that will help both PILOT and OEM improve the program for future parts.

As my internship comes to an end, I look forward to the next steps for the Big House Program and for PILOT’s partnership with OEM. This summer has been a positive learning experience and I am excited to use some of the organization and planning skills that I have gained throughout this next school year.

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