Starstruck on the Hill

One of the more exciting parts of a Hill Internship are the important, well-known people so often present on the Hill. In my nine weeks, of course I have seen many members of Congress- more than once. Extremely pertinent ones as well- Senators Warren, Duckworth, Booker, Sanders, among many, many others. It is no surprise to see their members in their respective Committee Hearing rooms, but a little more surprising to see them in person.

I am lucky and seem to have a high tolerance for fame- so when I do run into a member it is more of an mental checkmark, noting I can say I have seen them in person. Most Hill staffers agree that it is common courtesy to respect members and not interact with them, but sometimes this isn’t always possible. Several times members themselves start conversations- especially on the Senate train to the Capitol Building. On this train ride a Montanan Senator and a Mississippi House Representative have seperately instigated conversations with me on the train, inquiring in a friendly manner about the office I work in, where I go to school, and my policy interests.

In addition to the Congress members I have witnessed, I sat in the same committee hearing (on paid family leave!) with Ivanka Trump, and once saw the eccentric CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, sporting a mostly pink suit leaving the Russel Senate office building.

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