The End: What I Wish I Knew

Now that I’m towards the end of my internship, there are a plethora of lessons and experiences to reflect on. With that, there are certain aspects of my experience here at Workday and in the Bay Area that I wish I knew going in. For instance I wish I knew how difficult transportation here in the Bay Area would be. Being here without a car can be a bit be an enormous pain for you and your wallet. I was lucky enough to have a roommate with a car, but that didn’t always save me since they would often go home for the weekend. So If I wanted to meet up with some friends to go hang out somewhere, I would have to use BART(transportation service) or take a Lyft or Uber. There are BART Stations in several locations and they can be great when you want to go to places like San Francisco or Sant Cruz to explore. However, they can be a bit of an inconvenience if you want to go someplace near by. It can also take quite a long time to get where you need to go when using BART. Most of the time I spent money on a Lyft or Uber to get where I need to go. I think I spent more on those trying to get around more than anything else while being here.

Another thing I wish I knew/should have known was how intricate and detailed the projects I worked on were. There was a very meticulous process to all of the projects I worked on and I had to learn that the hard way with my first one. I tried to do a bit too much with it and ended up running into an error that forced me to start over from scratch. That was something that I feel could have been avoided If I had taken my time. Nevertheless, I was able to learn from that experience and I was able to complete the project. All that I learned from that failure carried over to other projects I worked on and I was able to be more successful because of it.

For any new intern getting ready to venture out to the workforce, my  main advice is to be patient and persistent. Take your time with whatever tasks you are given and don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help. At the same time, be persistent with your work and keep striving to find the solutions you’re looking for until the job is done. If you fail, take it as a lesson and keep going. Another piece of advise is to get to know other interns or workmates. Building these relationships will help you get to know new people and create possible friendships. If you want to explore where you are, get a ride, go to the movies, or try new things out, getting to know other interns to lead you in the right direction and join you on these new experiences will be of great benefit.  Those relationships and that drive to be the best possible intern you can be has helped me so much through the summer and I can assure you that it will help you as well.

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