A Different Light | #4

American society today is fueled by hyper-partisan ideology. This has been seen through growing trends of political extremes in our major political parties, our friends, and in our general public discourse. In the 2016 national elections, for example, for the first time in history, each senate race was won by the exact same party of the presidential candidate that had received the most amount of votes in the state. Thus, whether intentional or not, it is often difficult for many to not view the things around them in their respective political lens.

In my internship role this summer, however, I have been exposed to, and have continuously worked with, people who find themselves on all different ends of the political spectrum. While this may not seem too groundbreaking on the surface, as I have worked in many different work settings with people of varying views, this was the first inherently political organization I have worked with that did not have a specific party lean. For example, in the year prior, I had interned in Congress. Due to the fact that my member was registered with a major political party, the people working within the office were of that same party as well.

Here, however, I am dedicated my time to educate and organize people across the political spectrum under the united goal of equipping people who are ready and eager to run for public office. This has been incredibly rewarding, as it has required me to take my past experiences and personal political views and utilize them in a way that is balanced and applicable to all.

I truly believe that we, as a society, often fall into the trap of identifying ourselves with – and then only sticking with – people who share similar world-views as us. However, it is truly important to hear different educated perspectives in order to benefit your own opinions and character as a whole. In an age where we often are not given the opportunity to do so, it has been incredibly fulfilling to work in a politically-skewed setting in a non-partisan way.

One thought on “A Different Light | #4

  • August 21, 2018 at 3:31 pm

    Hi Alex,

    I am so glad you are enjoying and learning so much from your internship so far! It is great that you have been able to keep your eyes and mind open to new ideas ways of work.

    I really appreciate your thoughtful reflection on this prompt regarding what it means to be a leader. I love when you stated that leadership is more than just holding a specific role or authority over something. It is very interesting that you were able to see many different leadership techniques and almost write your own definition of what leadership means.

    I think it would be interesting to find out what you still want to learn about during the last few weeks of your internship. Try to utilize all of your connections as resources while they are available to you!

    I hope the end of your internship as a development intern goes well and you are able to take a lot of knowledge back to campus!



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