1: Better Late Than Never


I was motivated to conduct cancer research after my grandmother’s tenacious battle with Stage IV Breast Cancer. After her death, I joined the University of Michigan’s Krebsbach Lab, where we conduct molecular cancer research on a proto-oncogene called mEAK-7.

When I first joined the lab as a freshman in September, 2015, I had no prior research experience. Now, I run experiments, analyze data, design figures, and write scientifically. Now, I’m an author on their manuscripts.

I’ve worked in the same lab for three years now, and I try to intern with my lab every summer. This summer was no different. I’m motivated to continually improve, because our research has real impact. And as I’m applying to medical school, I hope to integrate my passion for medicine with my passion for research, because I believe that when current medicine can’t help patients, research can.

So, what’s up with my title? This is my first blog post, and my internship with the Krebsbach Lab is over (sorry LSA). I’m now interning in Lebanon, working with local refugees and students of low socioeconomic status. However, come September, I will rejoin my lab, like I do every year, and our research will continue. So, while my internship is over, our work is not; it is for that reason that I blog now. My blogs are still as relevant as they were during my internship.


Thank you for reading.

One thought on “1: Better Late Than Never

  • August 20, 2018 at 1:46 pm

    Hello Fatima – Better late than never, indeed! I’m Kate, one of the coaches at the Opportunity Hub, and I’ll be following your blogs through this last bit of summer. I’m excited to hear more about your research with the Krebsbach Lab and how you see your work there is shaping your pathway into and through medical school. It was moving to read about your dedication to cancer research in the wake of your grandmother’s death, together with your sense that research can have a positive impact on patients when medicine can’t. I’m looking forward to learning more about your experience!



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