Blog #5: Mi Familia

My favorite experience as an Intern has been when the interns have office hours. We all get to talk about our work and work together to accomplish our task. We also use the time to talk about each other and learn more about one another. It is a great time when we are a little bit more relaxed, but also putting time to do our task. Also, I had the best time when we took the La Casa graduate and undergraduate students who were here for the summer out for bowling, so they would feel like they have a support system at UM. It was so incredibly rewarding to see everyone having a good time with each other and joking with one another. Everyone there was so happy and excited to be with a lot of students and enjoying themselves. It was a great event for undergrads and graduates to know each other especially since there aren’t many events where this is possible as many events are only suited for graduates or undergrads. At one point, I sat back for a second and saw how happy everyone was, and it melted my heart. This is the reason why I love working for La Casa paid or unpaid. There is no better feeling than seeing your community happy and together. I love my community, and hope I can do more for them as I enter the professional world where I can change the perception of the Latinx identity in the media.


One thought on “Blog #5: Mi Familia

  • August 12, 2018 at 4:15 pm

    Thank you for your posts, Jacqueline! My name is Jamie Monville and I’m a Mentorship Program Manager at the Hub. I’ve really enjoyed following your blog posts this summer!

    It’s so exciting to see how as you and your fellow interns work to build and promote a welcoming environment for the Michigan Latinx community that you’ve been able to more deeply invest in and grown your personal community. As you’ve expressed in your blogs, the support from your mentors who encourage you to capitalize on your strengths, and your community of interns who you’ve gone to both troubleshoot when things didn’t pan out exactly as you planned and to celebrate when they exceeded your expectations, have really contributing you thrive this summer. And you’re making this happen for more and more members from the Latinx community! That’s HUGE!

    I’m also glad that you’ve been able to dive into and explore your career interest in marketing through this internship as well. The marketing of the world could definitely use some more cultural sensitivity – I can’t imagine a better person to make that happen!

    Looking forward to your last post!


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