End of Internship #6

It is over!  Two months flew by here at Westminster.  I am so grateful for the experience and the aid everyone in the office provided me.  I would go back and tell myself in the beginning to ask more questions and be less timid.  My favorite part about working here was the camaraderie between everyone in the office.  I will miss working here, but I will definitely take away so many positives from this experience.  Including a potential future job opportunity, knowledge about financial markets, office life, etc.  One thing I will not miss is the commute!  Goodbye bus.

One thought on “End of Internship #6

  • August 16, 2018 at 11:37 am

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for sharing your blog posts! My name is DeMario Bell and I am the Information Services Coordinator at the LSA Opportunity Hub. I will be commenting on your blog posts. I’m glad to hear that had a great experience at Westminister which may materialize into a potential job opportunity. Good for you! As far as NYC traffic, I’m sure one has to pack a lot of patience to handle it. I’m glad you conquered it! Can you share with me one of the most seminal moments of your internship? What new insight, experience, skills did you bring that you can bring back to your class(es) at U-M?

    Go Blue!



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