Interning vs. Beginner Expectations – Post #2

As I am in the last couple of weeks in my internship, this internship has largely differed from my beginning expectations.

In my experience at the local level, I expected a lot of canvassing, knocking door-to-door talking to voters, phone banking and text banking. I expected a lot of physical grunt work that would be physically exhausting. This internship has turned out to be more of a hybrid campaign with text banking and phone banking involved, but more of a focus on research and working at campaign rallies. The majority of my time here has been spent on doing research beneficial to my development and to the progress of the campaign and that’s very exciting.

Another initial expectation I had was to be working with people of all ages: another observation that I have made from working in other local offices. However, at an office for a state-wide campaign, most of the people I have worked with are college students and this has made this internship a much more enjoyable experience, making a bunch of friends my age similarly committed to politics and campaigns.

However, the biggest surprise within this internship is the feeling that every bit of research and work that we put in is explained to us in the context of the election. It shows us that we are not wasting out time with busy work and it gives us a feeling that we are truly making a difference in the election! We also get to see results come to fruition with our large margins of victory in the primary election and new polls.

I’m excited to write more about my experience as it is coming to a close!


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