Kajabi Conference – LIVE CHAT

Andrew sent me to be apart of live chat due to his schedule conflicted with the time they went live! I WAS SO EXCITED as Dr. Erin had me do the same investigation of this service couple weeks prior. Having knowledge of this platform prior made me feel confident towards this task. I was able to be apart of a LIVE CHAT with Kajabi which is known as “The Only Knowledge Commerce Platform”. They were featuring a new software on their platform that will help create funnels to generate revenue. This platform is one that many self made entrepreneurs use to market their items to their consumer. It was great to not only get exposure to this feature, but I learned so much on the backend platforms influencers use to market their items. I also am intrigues how Kajabi is a company that is platform that is trying to encompass many features such as being a landing page, funnels, analytics, eccomerce, e-newsletters, and the more I research the more I find out what they do! After being apart of the live chat I sent an email to Kajabi in hope to create a relationship for University of Michigan because as Entrepreneurship Minor I would love to have known about this!

One thought on “Kajabi Conference – LIVE CHAT

  • August 24, 2018 at 9:36 am

    Frannie, this is so exciting! It is definitely valuable to go in to a conversation with knowledge of the other person’s world, so the fact that you already knew about Kajabi is great! I’m really glad to hear that you reached out afterward–great follow up work!



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