Living in NYC | #5

Harlem is very… different. Of course, completely different than Ann Arbor. In the beginning, being in a new environment was refreshing and new for me. But all things get old with time. Harlem is progressively getting better, but you can tell it used to be rough. NYC is a place that I would like to visit, not live. It’s expensive, overcrowded, and there’s way too much commotion for me. With that being said, I definitely have enjoyed my internship experience and I am very thankful to LSA and Dream for this amazing opportunity to grow, learn, and network.

Although I didn’t experience much of New York’s nightlife, I did get a chance to see some of the scenery. From shopping near times square, to walking on the highline in Chelsea, NY has an immense amount of diversity and attracts tourists from across the country. At work, I chaperoned the kids as we went to the Bronx Zoo, a petting farm in Queens, and to the American Museum of Natural History. I enjoyed all the field trips, especially the museum, which had animals from across the world on display, and tons of artifacts and physical models of human history. Also, Dream got all of the interns tickets to go to the Yankees game in the Bronx, which was a lot of fun.

Being alone, I’ve also been focusing a lot on my inner self and self-reflection. I am a completely different person than who I was when I graduated from high school. Where I’m from, going to The University of Michigan was already a huge transition for me. It’s great to get away and to see what life is like for others in different parts of the world (or country). It “popped” the bubble that I lived in and showed me that there’s so much more in the world than what I grew up around. You really never know until you see for yourself. In this case, spending time in New York has made me less judgmental, more motivated, optimistic and humbled. From seeing wealthy people in the business district, to people struggling to make ends meet in the projects, one thing is for sure: people out here live completely different lives. I’m just more thankful for mine.


LSA: Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience Class of 2019

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