PCAP Internship Week 6

With the second to last week, I saw a big project finally come to a close. With the help of the Prison Creative Arts staff, I was able to send out newsletters, calls for arts, and calls for writing submission to 1500 prisoners across the state of Michigan. Each individual was able to get a packet in the mail which would update them on the Prison Creative Arts Project, and the ways to stay involved. It was a tiresome, and yet rewarding feat to accomplish. The mailing was the most important part of the organization because it keeps the direct connection between the prisoner and the organization flowing. That said, I saw this week the importance of mental health. I had been working tirelessly on the project and other assignments for the internship while also having to take care of Fall semester business with financial aid and other things, do the wolverine pathways workshop, and facilitate at Women’s Huron Valley. By Friday, I felt a little burnt out and overextended, I hadn’t done anything to simply relax and have me time. Through the whole week it had been work, eat, sleep, repeatedly. I had a moment on Friday where I felt a little overwhelmed and extra tired. In that instance I called off work; I basically stopped everything and took the day to relax, and do things for myself. I stayed in bed a little longer than usual, I cleaned my room, hung out with friends, watched a movie, played some basketball, took a nice long shower, read chapter of a book, talked to my parents, and took time to sit in silence and reflect on all I had done this summer and everything that was coming up. It is important in this work, and any work for that matter, to have balance. You can’t work all the time and forget about yourself because eventually you will burn out and won’t be able to perform 100% for your work. I was very glad that my supervisor was understanding of this, she allowed me to have the day off and to take time for myself. When Monday rolled back around I was refreshed and ready to tackle everything I had to do. I now know for myself that balance is key. Too much of one thing is never good for you.


I am a senior studying Acting Performing in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance and I also major in Psychology in the School of Literature, Science, and Arts.

One thought on “PCAP Internship Week 6

  • August 30, 2018 at 11:07 am

    Hi Eddie! First off, Congratulations on not only completing your summer internship, but also seeing through to the end your additional commitments! You should proud of all that you accomplished! I have thoroughly enjoyed following along with your posts throughout the experience, and I appreciate you sharing the experience with me. In regards to your more recent reflection on mental health, that is such an impactful lesson to learn – and, honestly, one that many of us continue to learn throughout our lives. As you prepare to return to campus for the Fall semester, I hope you will consider coming in to the Hub and possibly connecting with one of our career coaches. As you may already know, they are wonderful resources and could be helpful to you in thinking about articulating your experience on to your resume, and more important, how your experience has influenced your future plans. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the last weekend before classes begin, and I wish you all the best in your future!


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